October 22, 2018

League Replays – Tool Review

One of the many awesome community tools available for League of Legends players is a replay tool, aptly named “League Replays” which does an excellent job of snapping up all your game data into a compact, shareable file format.

League Replays Interface

League Replays Interface

Here’s an example of what a few games can look like, right within the replay client itself.  I haven’t captured many games with it yet – mostly because I’ve only been using it for a couple of days – but it’s already proven very handy for reviewing my play, and looking for opportunities to improve my game.

How it works

League Replays captures vector and positioning data from the League of Legends client itself – and uses the game engine to replay, which means the replay files are small (less than 7 MB for a 45 minute game), and easy to transmit. I’m very impressed with this tool. While there’s no easy “export for YouTube” or similar function (because it’s not actually catching the video, just the positioning and client logs)

ChickenBall and I will be using this to record most of our games, and may share some of the replays here – in addition to getting set up to drop some choice games up to YouTube.

Download the League Replays client so you can follow along too!

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