June 14, 2021

Raidcall channel is now up and running!

Raidcall free channels FTW!

After using Ventrilo as a voice chat server for the past couple months, Ian and I found that we would possibly need to purchase a Vent server. We were actually using a private corporate Vent server (we won’t say from where), so we really wanted to find a legit solution if we were going to start bringing in more people to play with us.

Last week, Ian brought Raidcall to the table. I downloaded it, set it up, and created a free channel over the weekend. The voice quality was actually very good without compromising bandwidth, and actually functions similarly to Ventrilo with the PTT key (even the sounds are the same).

It looks like rc is going to be the official voice chat server of IDDQD! Hooray! 🙂

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Yawhann (or "Hann" as he's commonly known) has been playing video games since the late 80's during the NES reign. After buying enough consoles to earn his right as a typical Chinese gamer, he's subjected himself to just about every genre of game out there. His current addiction is League of Legends and can be found on most online games out there as ChickenBall, ChknBall, or ChknBallistic. Unlike Ian, his first MMO was World of WarCraft. He regrets nothing.

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