August 3, 2020

First Look: Sejuani – The Winter’s Wrath

The newest champion to grace the fields of justice in League of Legends has just been released – and it’s a CC-based, AP-scaling tank. 

Riot’s released Sejuani after a a very short lead-up including art previews, a Champion Spotlight (above, or here if you can’t view the video), and a little bit of hype. The patch with Sejuani in it also removes Dodge, rebalances Jax and Riven, and has a number of other small game play adjustments aimed at fixing the metagame for some players. We’ll get to the patch notes after the champion profile.

Sejuani – The Winter’s Wrath

Sejuani - The Winter's Wrath | League of Legends Champion Review

ChknBall and I both picked up Sejuani this afternoon on release, and we’re both noticing immediately that she’s very fun to play.

As a CC-based champion, Sejuani’s main use relies on locking down groups of enemies and keeping them in place to sway a team fight in your favour. Most of her abilities are AOE (area-of-effect) slows, with her ultimate being an AOE stun with massive damage. By level 10 in my first game with her, I found double-killing enemy tanks (Trundle and Taric) was no problem, with a major skill sequence of Q (gap closer) into W (AOE slow and DOT), into R (ult, to keep them from escaping) and E (to activate the small slow on Sejuani’s passive for extra damage).

While I expect a number of Sejuani builds will quickly be available on Mobafire, I’ve used their Item Planner to build a first-look item set for Sejuani. This is what I was working towards in my first two rounds; and in both, I never got past Sheen.

Sadly, I expect Sejuani to get nerfed almost immediately, multiple times.

Why? Sejuani is basically a total bully. Right from level 1, she’s capable of holding a champion in place long enough to solo kill them. With nothing but my E (Permafrost, which increases her passive’s regular slow), I solo killed a Nunu Bot at level 1. By the end of my first round with her, I was 19/0/6. These may be bots – but it’s a pretty good indication that she’ll be terrifying in any kind of team fight.

Sejuani Patch Notes

A number of big nerfs happen with this patch, and it may make some players a little annoyed. Notably, Riven, Tryndamere, and Jax have all been reworked – the last because of the Dodge removal. For details, read the patch notes on the League of Legends website – and watch this video below (or click here if it’s not showing up)

Overall Verdict – It’s a good patch!

Sejuani is a lot of fun and, while we haven’t had time to play all the other champions we have that were affected by the patch, the rebalancing looks like it’ll have some interesting effects on the overall metagame.

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