May 11, 2021

Blizzard DOTA is coming!


This image is copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainment.

Just when you thought the MOBA genre couldn’t get any better with League of Legends and the upcoming DOTA 2, Blizzard just announced in October an upcoming official custom mod/map for StarCraft II called Blizzard DOTA!

So what exactly is DotA?

DotA is the original MOBA game created from a custom mod for WarCraft III. The mod was so popular that it led to international tournaments (even at BlizzCon) and both lead designers moving on to create League of Legends and DOTA 2.

What will make Blizzard DOTA different from LoL and DOTA 2?

According to Blizzard’s FAQ, BDOTA (to which I’m sure it will eventually become abbreviated) will allow you to play as your favorite characters from the Blizzard universe (I’m personally looking forward to playing as Nova and Kerrigan). In addition, towers will have limited ammo which will change up your tower hugging tactics, and jungling actually reaps benefits in the form of control points that boost your minion’s stats.

Is this going to be added to the community games roster?

Yes, it’s already added to our pending list. Whether or not it will become a regularly played game has yet to be seen, but I’ve rarely witnessed Blizzard come out with a commercial flop.

Are we going to abandon League of Legends once this is released?

I doubt it. I’ve invested so much money into LoL even though it’s SO FREE. Also, I like tower hugging. 🙂

Really? Play two MOBA games at once?

We’ll die trying. 🙂

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