August 3, 2020

Open Server Review – Aquor

Since diving into Minecraft, I’ve spent most of my time on closed servers; either on the corporate server at work, or using any number of small group games hosted by friends.

Last week, on the advice of a colleague, I dove into an open server called Aquor – read up on the server thread on Minecraft Forums – and I’ve been loving it.

Aquor is a PVP server, complete with clans, random combat, and griefing.

Aquor - Open PVP Minecraft Server

In this picture, 11 ninja minecrafters cannot be seen.

You’d expect this to mean a challenging, competitive environment; but oddly enough, it’s not. Most of the people there – even the ones trying to kill you and steal your loot – are genial and amusing. The admin, Sting_Auer, spends most of his time either monitoring the server via Console, doing updates and plugin development, or trying out various admin enhancements using the very short list of plugins he’s added to the server.

It’s not a completely stock Minecraft implementation – there are a few CraftBukkit enhancements such as Border Guard (limiting the map to 2000 blocks from spawn in any direction), additional admin commands, and a bit of clan/group enhancement. This being said, Sting himself is very specific about how/when the server gets modded, and there are rules in place to ensure fair play.

As fair as sneak-thievery can be, anyway.

I’d suggest you check out the server thread and stop in some time. Maybe Sting will give you a cookie!

(and then shock you with admin lightning…)

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