May 11, 2021

IGN Prime is just prime.

Screenshot by: Yawhann Chong. Content belongs to IGN.

Sorry for the lame Beast Wars Optimus Primal reference.

So I signed up for IGN Prime yesterday for the sole purpose of playing the TERA closed beta this weekend.

What is TERA?

TERA is the first true action MMO that combines all the elements of MMORPG questing and character customization with the fast-paced energy of third-person action games. Apparently so. Check the website and watch the videos.

Why IGN Prime?

IGN Prime is a paid subscription to IGN that gives you exclusive offers like free games and early access to closed betas. It’s actually a pretty sweet deal; you pay $14.95 for three months and that pays itself back to you almost immediately; not only did I get closed beta access to TERA, but I also got free copies of Rochard and King Arthur, as well as bonus items worth $40 for Bloodline Champions (another MOBA game like LoL). Don’t forget the exclusive video section including HD videos, pro player coaching, and game design (if you’re interested in making indie games or just wanting to get started before going to school). I will probably be keeping this subscription active to see what other goodies come my way.

Join me in TERA.

I’ll be playing this weekend starting Friday night. Be there or… err… don’t be. But if you want to play with me (and maybe Aenemius if I can convince him), leave a comment below or on our Facebook page. Cheers!

This section is unrelated.

Has anybody played Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning yet? The demo wasn’t too shabby and the combat is fun for an RPG. IGN even gave it a score of 9/10. Not bad when you combine powerhouse names (R.A. Salvatore and Todd MacFarlane, to name a couple) together to make a new IP.

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