June 14, 2021

Champion Spotlight: Phreak, the Community Coordinator of Riot.

Champion Spotlight: Phreak, the Community Coordinator of Riot

We’ve gotten a hold of an exclusive rough transcript draft for an upcoming champion in League of Legends. Check it out!

Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Phreak, the Community Coordinator of Riot. Phreak is a ranged melee fighter who specializes in burst damage, area of effect CC, and jungling. Whether playing in any lane or initiating and ending team fights, Phreak displays versatility unlike any other on the battlefield.

Phreak’s passive is Any Given Situation. It allows him to automatically apply on-hit effects on an enemy champion with whatever is most effective against them. So when fighting against tanks, his attacks and skills will use armor penetration and armor shredding, which will enable him to deal tons of damage. Champion Spotlight allows Phreak to approach other champions and stun them while explaining to them the finer points of the game. While the enemy champions are stunned he can continue to talk while dealing tons of damage. As Phreak’s primary source of crowd control, I take this skill at level 2 and max it immediately. Overpower Everyone applies area of effect burst damage with stun that also paralyzes all summoners in the game with fear, which they cover up by complaining about how OP Phreak is. While Overpower Everyone is active, I can close in and deal tons of damage. Because this skill is his primary source of damage, take a point at level 1 and max it at level 4. I Never Miss is a passive auto targeting skill shot that will hit multiple targets in an area. One caveat is that it can’t be used until all enemy champions are positioned closely together at any given time, during which Phreak will automatically attack with it when that happens while he’s in lane. I find it extremely helpful in team fights where the enemy clusters together. Take it last at level 3 and max it after level 6 when team fights are likely to break out. Phreak’s ultimate is End The Game. Phreak charges to the server and enters a command to end the game in victory. I use it only if some of my team members instalocked at the champion selection and are not going to their proper lanes, otherwise I’ll save it for later and get back to dealing tons of damage. Phreak’s second ultimate is Jack Of All Trades. Jack of All Trades will allow Phreak to use any champion skill he wants. The skill must be selected as soon as the ultimate is available and cannot be changed for the duration of the battle. Jack Of All Trades is extremely useful when I want to deal extra tons of damage.

Try to build as many runes as possible, since Phreak has a new special rune book that allows you to place runes anywhere on the page. This allows for unlimited creativeness in rune selection and allows you to go over the standard rune cap. I recommend 44/37/38 masteries. You can use this for both Classic and Dominion. Phreak is item independent and doesn’t require an item build, but I like to build as many end game items as possible since he starts out with 500,000 gold. In Classic, I start out with Trinity Force, then move into Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Zhonya’s Ring, and Phantom Dancer. In Dominion, I build the same as Classic but swap out Bloodthirster for Entropy.

Phreak is a skill based champion that doesn’t rely on mana and is unhindered by cooldowns. He does have a health bar, but it starts out empty and eventually fills up as you take down more champions, destroy turrets, or deal tons of damage. I use it as a guideline to gauge how well I am doing. When laning with Phreak, make sure to keep other carries off him and get on his level. Phreak isn’t available in the League of Legends store, since he is only available to me, and if you see this champion show up on the opposing team, it’s most likely me and you would be well advised to just close the game client and wait out the penalty. Thanks for tuning into the Phreak Champion Spotlight. Please subscribe to the Riot Games YouTube channel above and don’t forget to thumbs us up just below the video!

Happy April Fools’, everyone. I know it’s not April 1st, but that was just level 1 and now we’re at April Fools’ “end game”, where nobody expects it and anything can happen. 🙂

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