May 11, 2021

New Official Guide – Varus: The Arrow of Retribution

Varus: The Arrow of Retribution

Varus, just released on League of Legends, is an AD carry with some of the most extreme burst ranged skills to date. He’s incredibly fun to play if you can make his skills work together, and deals tons of damage – with or without Trinity Force.

We’ve spent the days since his release working on a few viable builds for Varus, both as mid-lane and bot carry, and even against some prominent top-lane champs, to see where he can fit in team comps. The answer, not surprisingly, is just about anywhere.

Heree’s Riot Games’ Champion Spotlight for Varus:

Varus is a lot of fun for aggressive players, and has enough range that more passive summoners won’t have to spend as much time in the danger zone. He’s a very welcome addition to the League – and one I’ll be playing a lot more of in the near future.

Check out the full guide we wrote for Varus on Mobafire: Varus – Arrow ALL the knees!

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