August 3, 2020

New Official Guide – Irelia: The Will of the Blades

Irelia - Official IDDQD Gaming Guide

Irelia, The Will of the Blades,  is League of Legends’ resident nerf bait.

Her kit is intensely well balanced toward both damage and sustain, allowing her to maintain a solo lane – usually top – or backup a ranged AD carry with great efficiency.

Irelia was the first champion I purchased when I started playing League of Legends – and I played her as my main from roughly level 5 through level 23.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Irelia – I’m an aggressive player, and I spent a lot of my early PVP games working on harass skills. Irelia absolutely shines in both farming and harass, so she’s a good champion for me. Her survivability early through mid game means, even for less aggressive players perhaps used to support roles, she’s a great training champ for solo roles and carry positions.

I had begun branching out into other melee DPS champions such as Riven and Shyvana by the time the most recent rounds of nerfing on her began. It wasn’t until the recent Spectator Mode patch buffs that I revisited her with a far better understanding of her roles.

From the guide’s intro:

Because of her natural strength as a tanky DPS, she’s been rebalanced more times than any other champion in the game – both with sets of buffs and debuffs – to counter her overpowering ability set.

As one of the hardest to crush assassins, she deals intense amounts of damage in longer sustained battles than most others of this class are capable of – usually with an almost full tank build.

For this reason, we wanted to spend some time getting to know Irelia’s current tolerances, and make some situational builds for her, before publishing this guide.

As with every patch, the recent changes have brought some balance differences to every champ in the game – so we played some test games (I’ll go into those later), and a few rounds of PVP with Irelia in different roles and team comps, to get a feel for how she works now.

Check out the first Official IDDQD Gaming League of Legends Champion Guide on Mobafire!

Irelia – Nerf Bait | IDDQD Gaming Official Guide

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