May 11, 2021

World of Minecraft II: Wings of Liberty

World of Minecraft II: Wings of Liberty

Screenshot by: Yawhann Chong. Screenshot Content by: Mojang (

We finally have a Minecraft server! It’s invite only (because we use whitelisting), so you have to get to know us before you can join. Some of the best ways are to either (get to) know us in person and ask for access, or prove to us that you are a person of fun and mature gaming caliber.

Anyway, we started the server this past weekend with a seed that wasn’t compatible with the latest version of Minecraft, so we reconfigured the server with a new seed featuring large mushroom and jungle biomes next to each other. We kept a backup of the old server just in case we want to go back to it. Happy crafting!

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Yawhann (or "Hann" as he's commonly known) has been playing video games since the late 80's during the NES reign. After buying enough consoles to earn his right as a typical Chinese gamer, he's subjected himself to just about every genre of game out there. His current addiction is League of Legends and can be found on most online games out there as ChickenBall, ChknBall, or ChknBallistic. Unlike Ian, his first MMO was World of WarCraft. He regrets nothing.

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