September 25, 2020

Article of Note: Why Diablo 3 is Less Addictive than Diablo 2

Diablo 3 Cover - Wide

Felicia Day crashed this poor software developer’s website by sharing a link to this article on her Facebook page – and it’s pretty easy to see why!

Alex Curelea examines why Diablo 2’s gear and skill reward mechanics might have been far more interesting to some gamers than the current setup in Diablo 3 – and actually makes a pretty damning statement about the Auction House possibly being very bad for the game’s long-term ecosystem.

From the article:

Diablo 3’s cycle is actually very different. As strange as it might sound, the reward comes from playing the game itself, which is for the most part very well done. The characters and skills are interesting, combat is a blast in the two middle difficulty settings, and satisfaction comes from bashing and destroying your way through the game world, complete with loud noises and shaking screen. Eventually the game becomes more difficult, and the only way to progress without being frustrated is to open the Auction House, buy new equipment, and proceed to enjoy the game again as your character is now significantly stronger – until the next time you get stuck and have to buy more equipment.

While ChickenBall‘s played a lot more D3 than I have, I agree with Curelea that D2 had something… more? … than D3 does, in terms of attention grabbing mechanics. The new game is stunning, fun, and the plot is interesting – but I’m just not hooked yet.

Check out Alex Curelea’s article on Diablo 3’s addictiveness fail – and be patient if the site appears to be down. The article’s worth it!

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