May 11, 2021

Site design updated!

I was sick at home yesterday, so I sat down in front of the computer and redesigned the site. Looks pretty nifty, eh? The yellowish green color mixed with paint splashes was taken from my experience working underground (yellow spray paint turns green when it dries on my skin). The orange color just mixes well […]

Raidcall channel is now up and running!

After using Ventrilo as a voice chat server for the past couple months, Ian and I found that we would possibly need to purchase a Vent server. We were actually using a private corporate Vent server (we won’t say from where), so we really wanted to find a legit solution if we were going to […]

IDDQD in spirit, but not in game.

Welcome to the obligatory welcome post of IDDQD! Now that I’ve gotten that redundancy out of the way, welcome (okay, last redundant statement, I swear)! I won’t mince words with lengthy introductions and whatnot, since you can read about us from the menus. In just two days from conception to deployment, we have a working […]