May 11, 2021

About ChickenBall

Yawhann (or "Hann" as he's commonly known) has been playing video games since the late 80's during the NES reign. After buying enough consoles to earn his right as a typical Chinese gamer, he's subjected himself to just about every genre of game out there. His current addiction is League of Legends and can be found on most online games out there as ChickenBall, ChknBall, or ChknBallistic. Unlike Ian, his first MMO was World of WarCraft. He regrets nothing.

Diablo 3 isn’t really that bad. Honest.

This is a follow-up post to Article of Note: Why Diablo 3 is Less Addictive than Diablo 2. Blizzard actually responded to Alex and he posted his follow up article today. I actually remember not feeling too enamored with D2 when it first came out. I was never a fan of the first Diablo, but […]

World of Minecraft II: Wings of Liberty

We finally have a Minecraft server! It’s invite only (because we use whitelisting), so you have to get to know us before you can join. Some of the best ways are to either (get to) know us in person and ask for access, or prove to us that you are a person of fun and […]

Champion Spotlight: Phreak, the Community Coordinator of Riot.

We’ve gotten a hold of an exclusive rough transcript draft for an upcoming champion in League of Legends. Check it out! Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Phreak, the Community Coordinator of Riot. Phreak is a ranged melee fighter who specializes in burst damage, area of effect CC, and jungling. Whether playing […]

IGN Prime is just prime.

Sorry for the lame Beast Wars Optimus Primal reference. So I signed up for IGN Prime yesterday for the sole purpose of playing the TERA closed beta this weekend. What is TERA? TERA is the first true action MMO that combines all the elements of MMORPG questing and character customization with the fast-paced energy of […]

Site design updated!

I was sick at home yesterday, so I sat down in front of the computer and redesigned the site. Looks pretty nifty, eh? The yellowish green color mixed with paint splashes was taken from my experience working underground (yellow spray paint turns green when it dries on my skin). The orange color just mixes well […]

Raidcall channel is now up and running!

After using Ventrilo as a voice chat server for the past couple months, Ian and I found that we would possibly need to purchase a Vent server. We were actually using a private corporate Vent server (we won’t say from where), so we really wanted to find a legit solution if we were going to […]

Best Buy sure is arrogant.

It looks like Best Buy has spent money on an in-store marketing campaign that could either be very correct or very wrong. Either way, they are very arrogant. 😛 Can anybody make out the release day? The flash’s reflection makes it nearly impossible to read. All we know is that it’s released sometime in “Feburary”. […]

Blizzard DOTA is coming!

Just when you thought the MOBA genre couldn’t get any better with League of Legends and the upcoming DOTA 2, Blizzard just announced in October an upcoming official custom mod/map for StarCraft II called Blizzard DOTA! So what exactly is DotA? DotA is the original MOBA game created from a custom mod for WarCraft III. […]

IDDQD in spirit, but not in game.

Welcome to the obligatory welcome post of IDDQD! Now that I’ve gotten that redundancy out of the way, welcome (okay, last redundant statement, I swear)! I won’t mince words with lengthy introductions and whatnot, since you can read about us from the menus. In just two days from conception to deployment, we have a working […]