May 11, 2021

Blizzard DOTA is coming!

Just when you thought the MOBA genre couldn’t get any better with League of Legends and the upcoming DOTA 2, Blizzard just announced in October an upcoming official custom mod/map for StarCraft II called Blizzard DOTA! So what exactly is DotA? DotA is the original MOBA game created from a custom mod for WarCraft III. […]

IDDQD in spirit, but not in game.

Welcome to the obligatory welcome post of IDDQD! Now that I’ve gotten that redundancy out of the way, welcome (okay, last redundant statement, I swear)! I won’t mince words with lengthy introductions and whatnot, since you can read about us from the menus. In just two days from conception to deployment, we have a working […]